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Why Fisher.Media?

Fisher Media does things differently for a reason.
We are your partner and work in a consultative manner to understand your business, your objectives, and your clients.


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Digital Strategy

Your Digital Strategy is where your Brand Strategy and digital platforms meet. Ensuring your digital assets are firing on all cylinders and then introducing other strategies to help you stand out rather than getting lost in the clutter of the digital world is a recipe for success.

Digital Media

We methodically research your market, analyze the data, and consider every media platform to develop a personalized, targeted media plan that will reach your ideal audience.


Leveraging our experience and relationships in the media world, we can get you a fair price for a customized mix of digital media tactics that ensure you are conveying your message to the right person, on the right platforms, at the right time.

Brand Strategy

We use our experience to analyze your current brand and identify opportunities, crafting a strategy that can become the central point for which your brand to act and giving you a clear direction. By identifying the value openings and plotting how different units will contribute to a consistent consumer experience, you'll be equipped to obtain the best positioning and best results in the market.

Digital Media Planning & Buying • Strategic Consulting • Digital Audit • Earned Media




Welcome to Fisher Media, the premier consultancy specializing in digital strategy, digital media, and branding. Led by Fisher, a seasoned professional with an impressive 32 years of experience in the media business, our team is dedicated to helping clients navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and achieve their business objectives.

Fisher's extensive career has honed his ability to introduce cross-functional capabilities and align diverse business and technology teams. With a focus on long-term vision and product roadmaps, he ensures that solutions are developed to support the customer journey at a scaled, program-wide level. Fisher's expertise lies in collaborating with leadership to establish effective go-to-market strategies, target prospective customers, and leverage competitive differentiators to maximize product success.

At Fisher Media, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality products by partnering with business sponsors, teams, and stakeholders. Fisher's background demonstrates his skill in creating and driving forward-evolving product visions while continuously measuring their impact on customer value. With a data-driven approach, he coordinates product roadmaps and features, ensuring alignment with business goals and delivering a world-class customer experience. Fisher's strategic mindset, combined with his understanding of technology and its application to achieve business results, sets him apart as a trusted advisor.

Throughout his career, Fisher has achieved notable benchmarks, including driving end-to-end product lifecycles from conceptualization to launch and post-launch performance. He also excels in identifying new opportunities for cutting-edge technology, strategic direction, and business imperatives by collaborating closely with strategic stakeholders. By actively seeking customer feedback and implementing improvement initiatives, Fisher ensures that the solutions he delivers exceed expectations.

As a resourceful technology leader, Fisher's focus is on building next-generation enterprise business solutions that give companies a competitive edge in the market. With a commitment to maintaining and transforming technology capabilities while driving bottom-line financial results, Fisher Media is well-positioned to help you achieve your digital strategy, digital media, and branding objectives.




Post Office Box 420023
Atlanta, GA 30342-0023

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